"A vision in the dream"

Mr Dev raj Arora & Mr Rajan Arora founder of Alpha capacitors in 1989.

With all the hardwork and dedication towards it they have achieved the goal they dreamed for. Now the 2nd generation into the business working on there footsteps to make this company one of the global leading capacitor company.

There is no substitute for hardwork, patience and acceptance.

You can never be proud of reward that are result of luck. But you can always hold your head high and be proud of the reward that are result of hard work.

Mr Rajan Arora

I am Super I don't Say but You Say

Alpha Capacitors is FIRST ISI MARKED IN INDIA under IS:1709 is the reputed name in the capacitors industries under the banner of DEVSON INDUSTRIES manufacturing unit in delhi, with the track record of over 28 years.

Pioneer in capacitor industry, we the first one to get ISI mark in capacitors, manufacturing all type of capacitors such as fan capacitors, motor capacitors and power capacitors etc.

Through years we have diversified an enhanced our business to include an exhaustive range of capacitors.

The IS:1709 certification for our product is vindication of the focus and dedication we gave to ensuring excellence in manufacturing best quality product. Over the long period we have gone through all the processes of development from raw material to finished product which makes our brand a well known capacitors known for its performance, reliability and durability.